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Diamond Crystal Table Lamp (50% OFF)

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Without Battery (USB Plug)


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This small decorative table lamp can be mixed and matched with any style and decor. It is portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When turned on, it creates a very romantic light. This is a beautiful lamp for the dining tables, bedside tables,s and outdoor dining at night.

  • Modern Luxury Touch Light: The light is as stunning and perplexing as a diamond, with high light transmittance and soft light that does not irritate the eyes. To turn on or off the light, simply press the button switch on the base to get the crystal clear design and charming lighting, which adds a touch of charm to any room.
  • Luxurious Diamond Light: It is made using a diamond cutting process that reveals diamond light and shadow effects.
  • Decorative Night Lamp: The crystal bedside lamp is made of a durable and easily damaged PC + transparent acrylic material. The lamp can be charged using a USB plug. As an eco-friendly LED lamp, its power consumption is 80% less than that of traditional incandescent lamps. The USB bedside crystal light is very convenient and easy to use; simply press the bottom switch to turn the light on and off.

2 Different Types of Lamp Now Available (NEW!)

  • Rechargeable Battery: The rechargeable lamp type has built-in battery. It can recharge with USB cable. Battery can last up to 8hrs. Good for outdoors dining.
  • Without Rechargeable Battery: The "No Battery" style comes with no built-in battery, it needs to connect a USB cable to turn on. Good for indoor dining.


  • 5V USB cable included to charge battery and power the lamp
  • USB charging cable included in the package
  • Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch
  • Material: Acrylic


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These are nice looking, modern lamps, just what I wanted. They look great at each end of my black vanity desk. The Delivery was fast, and I’m happy with this purchase.



These are beautiful sets of lights. They look luxurious like the ones that we usually see in hotels. I especially like the way you can adjust the color based on the one-touch. It works fabulously, and I like the bright color. The overall finish and material look very high standard.


Christina Anderson

This purchase is one of our most satisfying shopping times. The logistics were very fast when the package arrived, I immediately opened it, and it was so cool. I like it. I will purchase it again.

Paolo Sani

I bought 3 lampes 2 which I cannot recharge because the recharge doesn’t fit the application. Tried to contact Assistance at but apparently address is not correct. Conclusion: no after sale service. Cannot return as address seems invalid. Stuck with 3 useless piece of plastic. How would you describe this ?

Linda Phillips

Shipping is fast. The quality of the lamp is good.

Carol Miller

I just got my crystal lamp. Very beautiful indeed. Thanks.


McMillan Arthur

I got this table lamp as a gift for my wife on her birthday. When the package arrived, she was very happy with the Lamp. Thank you so much for the smooth transaction. We will probably order again anytime soon, Highly Recommended!